Ralph Anthony Bushon

Au Gres, Michigan
December 23, 1937 - October 22, 2020

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Ralph Anthony Bushon
December 23, 1937- October 22, 2020

Born in Detroit, Michigan to Helen and George Bushon. He later met and married his wife of 61 years, Carolyn Ann Bushon. He leaves behind Carolyn and his three daughters, Beverly Tate (Jerry), Cheryl Olson (Robert) and Diane Springstube (Lenny, deceased). His Grandchildren, Ashley Harmon, Andrew Tate (Ewa), Zachary Tate, Allen Olson III, Amber Springstube, Katelynn Springstube and his Great Grandchildren, CJ Harmon, Olivia Tate, Layne Coffer and Zoe Tate.He is survived by his brother Tommy (Evelyn) Bushon his sister Chrissy Hutchinson (Rob) and many nieces, nephew and friends. He is preceded in death by his brothers Larry, Greg, Johnny and sister Jeanie. Ralph loved to camp, fish and hunt. He spent many hours with family and friends doing the things he enjoyed outdoors. He liked watching sports on TV and especially loved the Lions and Wings. When he wasn't spending time with his family, he worked hard in tool and die as a talented machinist. He retired in 1998. Ralph loved working with his hands and you would often find him tinkering around his shed and garage. He happily retired to Au Gres , MI in 1998 and spent many winters with Carolyn at their second home in Ellenton, FL. A Celebration of Life will be planned at a later date. The family asks that donations of remembrance be made to the Parkinson's Foundation or The Michael J. Fox Foundation, in his memory.


Ralph's family asks that donations of remembrance be made to the Parkinson's Foundation or The Michael J. Fox Foundation, in his memory.


If you knew my dad, you knew he was a great guy. He loved to tell stories and make everyone laugh with his silly jokes. He loved life and lived it to the fullest. Parkinson's took his brain but not his spirit! He was Ralph all the way to the end! He was loved by everyone he ever met. I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life.
— Cheryl
Loved the memories I have of Ralph. Sending loving thoughts and prayers. Swells
— sue wildey
I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bushon but just by knowing Cheryl, I know he & Mrs. Bushon raised some wonderful children. You could tell by some of the pictures that he was always smiling and happy to have his family around. My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Bushon, Cheryl and the rest of the family. May the good Lord shine a light on you. Rest in peace.
— Virginia LaPearl
Ralph was a great guy and he also was a fun guy to hang around with & he had a big heart for everybody that he loved. We are going to miss you very much. ❤😢😔😚🙏
— Cheryl K.
Carol, Uncle Bev & Family,

Our heartfelt prayers are with you all. Ralph was such a laid-back guy and will certainly be missed by everyone who knew him. Love, Kathy
— Kathy Kuznar
Dad was a amazing person inside and out a heart of gold and would always be there for us anytime he loved working with his hands and I will miss working on all the projects together etc you will always be with me and I love you more than words can say R.I.P. Dad
— Diane
My dad was an amazing man inside and out he had a heart of gold and has taught me so much through life I will greatly miss all of are adventures and projects that we worked on but will always have our memories we shared love you dad you will always be in my heart R.I.P.
— Diane
I will be forever grateful that I was there when this fighter took his last breath. He fought Parkinson's for 20+years and never lost his spirit until the end. My Dad was a very loving, hardworking and humble man. Memories, have lots of them. Camping, fishing and just great adventures growing up. I always admired they way he looked at my Mom with such love in his eyes. Yep, Parkinson's sucks but this man fought hard until this intrusive disease finally took over. I will be forever proud to be his daughter. I love you Pops!!
— Bev
My favorite uncle! I remember being told when I was a little girl I was afraid of Uncle Ralph, so glad as I grew up I saw the wonderful man he was. He was like a second father to me. I’m glad he is out of pain and rejoicing with the Lord. I look forward to seeing him again.
— Janet Wescott
My Uncle Ralph will be deaply missed. He was a great man. I have so many great memories with him growing up even to the day he came to visit me and my kids. He was a man that would always make you laugh and smile. He will missed but will forever be in my heart!! R.I.P. Uncle Ralph - Love you!!!
My grandpa taught me to be sensitive, but not soft. To work hard, but enjoy and cherish every moment with the ones you love. To fight with everything you have, but maintain a tenderness that shines like a beacon of light to those who need it. He taught me to cherish life’s moments every second, so I didn’t have to be desperate to grasp at the final chances to be there once the moments will be no longer.

Gramps taught me how to whistle. He taught me how to shoot a gun. He taught me how to say the alphabet backwards, and I can still do it to this day. He taught me that sometimes it’s ok to have a secret chocolate milkshake that we don’t have to tell Grandma about. He taught me that I could reel in the biggest fish by myself, no matter how tired my little arms got. He taught me how to stand up tall no matter what life throws my way, and go after what I want regardless of obstacles or bumps in the road.

When I was a kid, Grandpa would fart and excitedly say “Did ya hear those ducks?!” And I would run to look out the window for the ducks flying by 🤣 I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed at how long I actually believed there were ducks, or if I’m impressed at how convincing he was. And he would just laugh and laugh 😆

Gramps wasn’t the most outwardly affectionate guy, but let me tell you that I knew every second of every day how much he loved me.

I knew how much he loved me when he dressed up like Santa to deliver my Cricket doll on Christmas Day when I was little.

I knew how much he loved me when he let me sit on his lap and drive his big truck down the back roads and up the driveway - and how (even in the depths of dementia) he laughed and reminded me about the time I ran over one of Grandma’s baby pine trees. “There were supposed to be four” he said 😂

I knew how much he loved me when he taught me how to bait my hook with minnows and worms. I would catch a fish, toss it back, and just sit by the water in my own little happiness. Sometimes I would catch a fish, and I knew I couldn’t get the hook out myself. Gramps would come and get the hook out, “toss” the fish back, and reassure me that it swam away. He knew if I found out that it died it would break my heart. I usually knew, but I kept that little secret so Gramps would always feel like my heart was happy. We kept each other’s hearts happy 💕

Gramps was always fixing things and tinkering around in the garage or the shed. As the Parkinson’s advanced, he still insisted on being able to do ALL THE THINGS. During one visit, my hair dryer stopped working. I’m not kidding when I tell you that this incredible man sat for THREE HOURS with every little tool and ounce of determination trying to fix my $15 hair dryer. When he told me he couldn’t get it fixed, I wondered why he was so disappointed. Who cares about this dumb hair dryer? I’ll just buy another one. But it wasn’t about the hair dryer or the money - he was doing it for ME. He just genuinely wanted to fix it for me. From that moment on, I always made sure to have a “Gramps List” when I went to visit. Sometimes I would ask him to put air in my tires for me - of course I knew how to put air in my own tires, but the way his face lit up when he got to pull out his fancy air compressor to help me was just the sweetest.

Gramps loved music - he was always whistling and dancing. No matter what state his mind was in, music always brought him back to us. During our last visits, we jammed some tunes and I whistled along when he couldn’t anymore.

My grandpa was the strongest, toughest, sweetest, most stubborn amazing man I have ever had the honor of knowing. I am so incredibly grateful to have shared 14,111 days with him on this earth, and I will continue to live the rest of my days striving to make him proud.

At the end of every visit, I would give him a huge hug and bend down to look right in his eyes. We would share the most genuine smiles, tell each other “I love you so much”, and I would remind him to behave himself. His reply was always, “Not a chance” followed by a big cheesy grin.

I’m Ralph Bushon’s granddaughter. I’m strong, tender, tough, sweet, hard working, thoughtful, determined, and music moves my soul. If anyone tells me to behave myself, you better bet your ass my reply will be “Not a chance!”
— Ashley
I have fond memories of Ralph, Carol, Chet, Marianne, Raymond, Don and myself sitting around the kitchen table laughing, drinking and singing! We had some great times together❤️ what fun we had 😅
— Marlene rokicki

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